Reaching your members just got a lot easier!

UnitedHealthcare is excited to announce a new, innovative collaboration with UnionStrong, allowing organizations to reach members where they are through a customized app.


UnionStrong is a custom-branded app that lets you send push notifications to instantly reach members on their smartphone home screens. You can create feeds for any topic — from meeting notices and alerts, to benefits, wellness program information, promotions, and tips and resources. All they have to do is tap — to connect, share, add to a calendar and more.

The best part? It’s included in your United Healthcare plan!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Unions create content. Unions distribute content.

Content is received on union members phone.

Why It Works

PEOPLE MAP-parallax

96x Per Day

On average, Americans check their phones
96 times per day

7x Higher

Push notifications have a higher click-through rate than emails

85% Users

Mobile users feel more at ease with apps than with mobile websites

How it can help

Dues Payment


Dues Payment

Union Strong App simplifies dues management with instant push notifications, keeping members promptly informed of their obligations.


solidarity 1


Promote solidarity events and campaigns on the Union Strong App, fostering unity and collective action among members.

Jobs Management


Job Management

Discover new job opportunities directly through the Union Strong App, connecting members with relevant positions instantly.

Content Updates

contract updates

Content Updates

Union Strong App delivers real-time contract updates, ensuring members stay informed on the latest agreements and changes.


phone 2


Stay in the loop with Union Strong App’s event notifications, ensuring members are always aware of upcoming gatherings and union activities.

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