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The Union Strong smartphone app gives unions of any size or budget the power to reach their members and partners instantly.

It’s a simple, intuitive, and powerful way for unions of any size to communicate with members and even connect with each other. Secure and private, the back-end content management system requires no tech knowledge. Just fill in the fields and publish! Your latest updates and events appear instantly on the front screen of your members’ phones.

Union Strong App

Union Strong believes that organizations of any size or budget should have access to simple, secure technology that lets them reach their supporters anytime, anywhere. Building on his 20 years’ experience in the technology and startup space, McHale created Union Strong to help member-based and community-driven groups reach supporters quickly and easily on their smartphones.

Unions face three big communication challenges


The vast majority of emails result in no action. Those opened, sit at least 24 hours first.


Only 2-5% of social media posts are seen. And responses quickly veer off-topic.


90% of time spent on a smartphone is in an App. Only 10% on mobile websites.

With the Union Strong app your updates hit the front screen of your members’ phones instantly. Through push notifications, tags, and geo-location, your messages reach the right people, at the right time, in the right place.

Phone notifications

Union Strong allows you to communicate with, engage, and mobilize your base on the device that they look at over 100 times a day. It’s where they need to see you.

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Instant, secure communication with members is essential.

Reach them where and when it matters most with Union Strong.

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